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Daily Health Journal- Oct. 14th

I was speaking to a microbiologist friend of mine about my immune system and how paranoid I have been and it was her professional opinion that I would be just fine wanderng my own house since all the microscopic creepy crawlies (my term, not hers) are things I was already exposed and resistent to before I went into the hopital.  So I am now only confined to my house and not just my room.

This new freedom came at the perfect time as I am starting to finally feel better.  The pain is mellowed enough that I haven’t had to have a pain pill yet today.  I figure I will have one if my pain level goes above yellow.  I was able to get up and make lunch for the kids today, as well as clean out the fridge.  Then I sent the girls out to do some grocery shopping.  I wore myself out a bit but it feels so good to get something done.  When my husband gets home I might talk him and the kids into getting the halloween decorations out of the garage, and I can sit comfortably and give orders.

No migraine today.  Been getting a small amount of ice pick headaches, seems like one every other day or so.  Arthritis feels alright.  I am really hopefully the Remicade might be working.  I haven’t had any trouble with acid reflux much either but I am determined to no longer ignore that, when it returns.  Still having stomach problems but I read that can happen right after a gallbladder surgery, because the body isn’t used to regulating the bile.  Eww..gross enough of that talk.

My energy level is up and looking forward to life back to normal…or maybe even life a lot better than normal.  A new better healther normal.


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Daily Health Journal- Oct. 11th

Well I am confined to my room to avoid exposure to infection for another week or two.  I have a moderate amount of pain from the surgery.  Other than that I actually feel better than normal.  I haven’t had a migraine in a couple of days.  I had one brief ice pick headache this morning and that is it.  My arthrititis pain is minimum but I am on pain pills still so it may just be covered up.  I am just taking tylonel with codine.  With the pain pills my pain level is green, without it it goes yellow orange.  I am just glad to be alive.

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Day Health Plan- Day 24

Yesterday I woke still groggy from the medications.  The fogginess lasted most the day and even though it was an art market day I slept a lot.  Fell asleep on my makeshift curb bed behind our the table, and it the car both ways. I had two less severe ice pick headaches first thing thing the morning. The great news, my migraine is gone!  Pain stayed green and blue all day and I woke this morning with zero migraine.  The pain I had was a bit of arthritis and a regular non migraine headache from the heat.  It was 103 all day and I managed not to get heat stroke thanks to my business partner taking care that I didn’t over extend myself.

This morning my head is blue (no migraine or headache) and the rest of my body is green ( mild morning arthritis aches that are typical).  I have a lot tol do to get ready for the Catalina Art Festival and I feel like I have exactly the health, energy, and help I need to get it done.  It’s going to be a great day.

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Daily Health Journal- Day 23

Well today my husband took the day off work and covered my PTA shift and ran me the doctor.  My ice pick headaches and migraine were continuing.  They gave me two shots, toradol and redoline (not sure of this name)  which knocked me out for a few hours flat.  I woke up to entertain my grandmother, although poorly.  The medication seems to make me cranky as well as tired, but my migraine is less than have as severe as it was.  I think I would rather have more pain and be happier.  I wonder if this is how cranky miserable people feel all the time.

I also got a prescription for excedrine with codeine to take if the migraine continues or returns.

Hopefully I wake tomorrow pain free and refreshed.

The iodine seems to have no reaction but will continue it a while anyways.

One of the side effects of the Remicade is definitely migraine but we figured I get them anyways so it can’t hurt.

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Daily Health Journal- Day 22

I am starting to feel my blog is whine whine whine, with very little solution.  I think my whole world may be whine whine whine, until this migraine just goes away, and I don’t mean for a couple of hours, I want days without migraine.

Yesterday I took maxalt and over the counter meds early, I knew I had to get through a loud day at the school.  I went into the school a little later than some of my team mates, but I brought them lunch to thank them for allowing my the flexibility.  My migraine was moderate.  I sat inside the middle school dance away from the brightness of the full sun day.  The loud noises and flashing lights did me no good.  Before the dance was over I was vomiting at pretty close to code red migraine.

After I got home the ice pick headaches started up again.  There isn’t much information about ice pick headaches but they are intense pain that only last a few seconds.  I am used to pain.  This is probably the most intense pain I have known, but it doesn’t last very long.  The problem is I seem to completely check out during those few seconds.  I become nothing but pain.  This would be really bad if it happened while driving, so I will be staying off the roads today, until I know they have gone away.  I am not sure how many I had yesterday, but it must have been around a dozen.  They increased as the night went on.  I have had them in the past, but they are very rare, and I don’t think I have more than three in one day, or 5 within 6 months.  There is some evidence that they are related to migraines and that there is a relationship between them and uncontrolled migraines.  When I think about my migraine being about three weeks long by now that would make sense to me.

The good thing about the ice pick headaches is they only last a few seconds and the bark is worst than the bite, meaning they seem to not be a sign of anything dangerous at all.

Today I am going to go into urgent care and see if I can get an injection to hopefully get rid of this migraine.  I am at the point where I need to consider that the migraines are not part of the arthritis but possibly the Remicade may be making them worse.


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