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Daily Health Journal- Nov. 20th, 2012

Anyone who follows my blog knows I have been horrible lately with updating it.  Its been at least a week since I wrote my last post.

I had my Remicade infusion last week and the premeds didn’t bother me as much as usual.  I was only half as cranky afterwords and the next day I was getting around running errands rather than sleeping all day.

I have been feeling well enough to do some mild manual labor at the new gallery each day, running errands and such.  So busy I don’t stop until my body forces me to at about 7 pm at night.  I start slowly every day, sometimes not getting dressed and leaving the house until after 11.

Today my body hurts really bad, probably over doing it a bit, but so glad to have a little energy each day.

Too much to do today to sit and complain, so off I go!


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