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Daily Health Journal- Day 17

This is the day I have been waiting for.

Yesterday wasn’t too bad, migraine, and ribs out.  I wound up going to my Chiropractor in Murrieta for the second time this week, at 8 pm on a Friday night and he put three ribs back into place and worked more on my migraine.

Today I have been busy doing little jobs most the day and my energy level has gone from about a 5 in the morning to a 5 now.  I am taking little breaks all day long but getting a lot done.

My pain level has been great, mostly blue without migraine, interrupted with little green and sometimes barely yellow of waves of migraine.  Whatever my chiropractor did seems to have broken my nearly two week migraine curse.

I have been building frames, and doing some rather mundane but important art maintenance.  Starting to check little things off my to do list that have been pushed aside for weeks due to lack of energy or health.  I feel good.  In a very calm thankful way.  I hope this lasts for my very busy next two weeks.  Its too early to assume that this is the Remicade working, but it sure adds hope.


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Daily Health Journal- Day 15

Yesterday I woke miserable.  Bad migraine, ribs dislocated.  But I was able to get some grocery shopping done before my appointment.  Paid a visit to Chiropractor Ito and he worked on getting my ribs back in and also did several adjustments for my migraine.  My migraine actually got worse about an hour after but by evening it had dissipated.

I spent a good two hours last night with very little pain, and was able to run a quick errand and make dinner while feeling “blue” on my pain scale.  By 8 pm I had plenty of muscle fatigue and typical aches and pains but wasn’t feeling too bad.

I woke this morning feeling like there was a fire within me.  And I don’t mean in a figurative way.  It felt like my insides were on fire.  I turned on the air and can’t seem to cool off.  Maybe its the Remicade?  Maybe its the body cleanse I started taking last night?  Maybe I hit menopause over night?

My migraine seems to be on the way out, Yay!!!  The pain is slight and fades to nothing, only to come shooting back for short periods, and then fades again.  Its amazing how much color and how wide my field of vision is without a migraine.  When I don’t have a migraine I think I must see the world like a vampire.  Or like a human….Its so nice to feel human again.

Other than that, I have my basic “greenish” aches and pains, with a bit more “yellow” around the ribcage, which I expect to be angry after days of dislocated ribs and all the manipulations yesterday.

The nurse Tuesday warned me of days like this…I am not to go try to save the world, not yet at least.  So today I will run one errand, take care of PTA paperwork, and work on some frames for some odd size works of art, AND take it easy.


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Daily Health Journal-Day 14

I think I must be going on five days for this migraine, but it could be more.  It hasn’t hit me as hard as they often can though so its tolerable.  The pain from the arthritis is tolerable as well.  My legs are a bit achy, and don’t quite feel like they can hold my weight, but I can get around fine.

What is really getting to me today is my ribs.  My slipping rib syndrome has gotten the best of me.  I got a mammogram last week and I could actually feel some dislocate during the exam.  They weren’t too bad a couple of hours later and we were tight on money so I figured they would be fine until the next time I happened to make it into a chiropractor.  Then I woke up Saturday hardly able to breath.  Every movement caused shooting pains through my torso, and when I was perfectly still I could feel deep deep aches.  I can feel with my hands several ribs out.

I have an appointment at 11:30 with one of my chiropractors.  I go to two, one on each end of town.  Both are great and I feel secure and safe with either.  Dr. Cody Massek works out of Temecula and I love that he can get me in and out in a few moments and I am able to go straight to work after seeing him.  I can usually just call on my way in and they can get me in.  Dr. Cody also recommended the Prolotherapist I went to years ago that helped me so much.  Everyone in his office is so fit and there is so much there about diet that I actually feel a little embarrassed to be there.  I tried his diet system for a few months but was mentally miserable and just couldn’t stick with it.  Dr. Ito puts me on a heated roller table which sometimes really hurts and I have to focus on laying there for what seems like hours, but is probably more like 30 minutes.  I am in his office about an hour.  His adjustments feel so gentle but I leave there able to breathe and with a sense of well being.  I know both these Dr.s would probably I rather not take any medications, but they are understanding and supportive of the decisions I have made with my specialist.

Yesterday was day 2 of my Remicade Infusions.  The infusions aren’t so bad, and would be better if I wasn’t so queazy about blood and body goo.  I do have to take antihistamines both during and after the infusion.  The same body odor that struck me after my first infusion and lasted a week has returned less than 24 hours after the second.  I asked the nurse about it and she says she has never heard anyone complain about it before.

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Daily Health Journal- Day 12

Yesterday was an interesting day for me.  I was mostly Orange on my pain scale all day, but I decided to push through with my plans.  I went to see my grandmother in the morning, and then went up to Idylwild to meet with a gallery owner.  I couldn’t have made even a portion of the trek myself.  My pain would spike to levels that made it unsafe to drive.  I relaxed in the shade of boulders midday and did some  simple paintings.  I was home by 6 and went straight to bed unable to move. My husband took care of dinner. It was just such a good reminder that with a little help I can have a rewarding and even beautiful life in spite oh high pain levels.

Today I have my Remicade infusion and am glad I have a ride there today, as it is almost an hour and a half drive each way.  I hope to feel well enough to get my ribs put back into place today, because that would remove so much of my pain.  5th day on my migraine but its tolerable.

I have a huge week next week with the PTA.  I have no less than three PTA meetings next week, book fair, Open House, and the Back to School Dance.  Luckily I have a great team, but I still have to run the meetings and do my fair shifts on the book fair and dance.  All that on top of work.  At least its nearly week after from Remicade so the exhaustion from the meds should be worn off I expect.

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Daily Health Journal- Day 11

Yesterday was hard one me emotionally because my arthritis wasn’t bothering me much, until evening and I still felt poorly most the day.  Badly dialocated ribs and a migraine reminded me that even if the arthritis Remicade meds work perfectly I can still have a ton of pain.

I was able to have a perfect family night out with close friends, but sometime I ate turned my migraine from yellow to red directly after dinner. That also reminded me that if some migraines are caused by the arthritis, I will probably still have to live with occasional ones, since I know I have food triggers, as well as hormonal migraines and an estrogen imbalance.

Still living with less pain will still be a wonderful thing.  I am just eager to have one completely pain free day, and soon.  A year ago I had several a week, and I know I can get back there.  If I can get the arthritis to where it is manageable again then I can focus on getting treatment for the migraines and acid reflux.  The slipping rib syndrome is probably just something I will always have to deal with, but at least I know the answer there and know the pain is temporary.

I have felt housebound for the most of two weeks now and I am not one to usually stay indoors.  I was hoping for a nice hike through the woods today after seeing grandma, but I think instead I will take a book and picnic blanket and relax under the pines while my friend does some bouldering.  It will do me good to get out in nature.

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Slipping Rib Syndrome and Prolotherapy

I wanted to write a little bit about this condition I deal with because it took me so long to get it diagnosed and when I did there was so little information out there on it.

Slipping Rib Syndrome is where there is significant damage caused to the cartilage and connective tissues of the rib cage.  This weakness makes the ribs very easily get dislocated.  A car going over a speed bump, a bad sneeze, a tight hug can all dislocate a rib.

I spend many nights in the emergency room before getting diagnosed.  Eventually after getting diagnosed with some help from the internet and a pain specialist who was about to give me a pain pump, I started prolotherapy.  Prolotherapy is a treatment for joints that helps rebuild the cartilage with a series of injections, causing inflammation.  That inflammation reminds the body where it needs help.  It helps a lot.    I am not cured but most my dislocations are smaller.  I can go to the chiropractor still 3 times a week and have several ribs slightly dislocated every time.  I have learned to live just fine with that discomfort.  Still once or twice a month I get ribs that dislocate to such a degree its hard to breath and function and even think.  Right now someone could physically feel one of my ribs dislocated through my tissue and chub.

I am miserable today, but most days I am just fine. I can’t imagine being back where I was before the prolotherapy and seeing Chiropractors in a regular basis.  Prolotherapy isn’t cheap (we had to refinance the house AND use credit cards) and neither is regular Chiropractics, but this is just something that needs professionals.  No amount of bath soaking or healthy eating can fix this.

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Daily Journal 9, 10, 11

Friday- Friday I moved slowly at first but by 10 felt good enough to go get a manicure.  That really sums it up I think.  I felt good enough to go get a manicure.  I was excited about it.  I could actually drive, not walk, the three minutes to the shop, and sit there and get primed and pampered for an hour.  Then I went home and had to relax.  I was thinking I was doing pretty good.  But when I look back and think that I thought that was pretty good it makes me realize just what a hard week I had.  I could finally go get a manicure…..  Not go hiking, not drive to OC to have lunch with a friend, not pack my work boxes for next week…get a manicure.

I saved my energy and one of my two daily alleve’s for the evening, so I could meet some friends for dinner here in town.  It worked.  I was able to enjoy a perfect dinner and had a great time, but after I was spent.

Saturday- Saturday morning I woke up feeling like I was hit by a truck.  The slightest touch made me want to cry out in pain.    The sheet on me feeling like a torture implement.  Migraine still there, day three I think it is.  My flesh feeling black and blue.  It’s a work day. Weekly art show in San Diego.  Lucky for me my business partner knows I have bad mornings and takes care of everything until I can function.  At the show he sat me down in a chair to organize jewelry, I think just so I could feel like I was helping.  As my limbs warm up and the pain in them subsides a bit I realize on top of it all I am having excruciating pain in my torso, and trouble breathing.  Classic signs of ribs dislocated from slipping rib syndrome.  I took it as easy as I could, but was working and also had some stressful drama come up with one of the volunteer organizations I work for.  Straight home from work and into bed Saturday.  My husband went out and brought home some dinner so I didn’t have to cook.

Sunday- 2 am I woke in such horrible pain.  I could hardly move with the dislocated ribs.  I didn’t want to move around the house because I didn’t want to wake anyone.  I spent an hour just laying there, 40 minutes blogging here, but something went wrong and I somehow erased it all.  I spend another 40 on face book.  All under the covers in bed on my phone.  A middle of the night pain pill helped me get back to sleep.  Now its still morning.  My ribs are pretty bad and I probably won’t get a chance to see a chiropractor until Wednesday, it being a holiday weekend.  My arthritis is being kind, and so is my migraine.  I would put them both at a tolerable  yellow.  But my ribs are being trouble makers.  I have no less than four health problems that I have to deal with regularly, it seems impossible, but then I remember that two are symptoms or caused by others.  Its just really hard to find days that I feel great, or even pretty good between them all.  I wan’t to whine that its not fair.

These journals are really good for me I think.  I am really not just learning to communicate but also really checking in with my body.  People have asked how I am doing, I say pretty good.  In a few days all I would remember is that I ‘said’ I was pretty good, so I must have been.  That makes it hard to really communicate with my doctor.

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