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Chronic Cough with PsA

I know better to diagnosis anything based on the internet but its still a wealth of knowledge that can help direct someone with an illness on what to bring up to their doctors.  I have had a chronic cough most my life.  It started as just a “nervous” cough when I was in my early teens.  In my early 30s it became severe and actually functioned my ability to live as I once had.  It was diagnosed as severe asthma, which wasn’t a surprise since I had sports induced asthma most my life.  They treated it for about 10 years as asthma, preventative drugs, inhalers, nebulizers, all to zero affect.  My sensitivity to chemicals got so bad it was often hard to leave the house.  Finally I got a new doctor who put me on a doze of meds for acid reflux.  Within days I felt better.  So now when my cough gets bad that is where I go again.  Its typical I take three to four kinds of meds for acid reflux when it gets really bad, sometimes it helps a bit, sometimes I still get worse.  Early morning, not being able to sleep because of my cough, it hit me that the cough got much more intense about the same time my body in general started to hurt mysteriously.  So I googled it.  Lungs and PsA.  And there it was.  Lungs, Aorta (which I already have), eyes, all organs can be affected by PsA.  Then I thought about what I was doing differently that might cause a flare up.  And it hit me I haven’t been dancing.  And when I don’t go dancing I no longer take several anti inflammatory a day. So I started the day with an Aleve and we will see how it goes, and also bring it up with the PsA doctor next time I see him.  Like the heart it probably won’t mean a change in the way its treated but I could possibly sto eating a whole container of tums in a day.


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