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Daily Journal- Nov. 5

Really bad migraine today.  Tried to lay in the quiet dark but it just made me dwell on the pain.  Also achy and think I have an infection starting, which tends to happen a lot with the arthritis meds.  Doctors appointment today that I will get a ride to so they can give me a migraine shot.  Yesterday I was also fighting a bad migraine but its even worse today.  Took Maxalt and Excedrine.


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Woke up at 4:30 am with a code red migraine.  Took some Maxalt, then at 6 took some excedrine migraine, then topped it off with a cup of coffee.  Its now a tolerable yellow.  Annoyed that they migraine free time lasted less than two days.  The rest of me is feeling rather good, but have been focusing on relaxing the last couple of days to have the energy for my  art show this weekend.  Some chest and jaw pain last night, but went away with Aleve and sleep.

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Daily Health Journal- Day 22

I am starting to feel my blog is whine whine whine, with very little solution.  I think my whole world may be whine whine whine, until this migraine just goes away, and I don’t mean for a couple of hours, I want days without migraine.

Yesterday I took maxalt and over the counter meds early, I knew I had to get through a loud day at the school.  I went into the school a little later than some of my team mates, but I brought them lunch to thank them for allowing my the flexibility.  My migraine was moderate.  I sat inside the middle school dance away from the brightness of the full sun day.  The loud noises and flashing lights did me no good.  Before the dance was over I was vomiting at pretty close to code red migraine.

After I got home the ice pick headaches started up again.  There isn’t much information about ice pick headaches but they are intense pain that only last a few seconds.  I am used to pain.  This is probably the most intense pain I have known, but it doesn’t last very long.  The problem is I seem to completely check out during those few seconds.  I become nothing but pain.  This would be really bad if it happened while driving, so I will be staying off the roads today, until I know they have gone away.  I am not sure how many I had yesterday, but it must have been around a dozen.  They increased as the night went on.  I have had them in the past, but they are very rare, and I don’t think I have more than three in one day, or 5 within 6 months.  There is some evidence that they are related to migraines and that there is a relationship between them and uncontrolled migraines.  When I think about my migraine being about three weeks long by now that would make sense to me.

The good thing about the ice pick headaches is they only last a few seconds and the bark is worst than the bite, meaning they seem to not be a sign of anything dangerous at all.

Today I am going to go into urgent care and see if I can get an injection to hopefully get rid of this migraine.  I am at the point where I need to consider that the migraines are not part of the arthritis but possibly the Remicade may be making them worse.


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Daily Health Journal- Day 20

A very bad, truly horrible, very good, wonderful day.

I had a migraine.  All day.  In the morning it was just yellow.  I knew I had a meeting to get to right after lunch so I took some migraine aspirin.  At 11 it was still there, and I added Alleve and ran to my meeting..an hour early.  I came home and lay down for a little while, and almost was late for my actual meeting time.  I got through the meeting..smiling even.  I have quite an amazing team with PTA this year and they are so accommodating to other members and so respectful I am constantly inspired.  By the time I walked in the door was miserable.  Sent my husband to the pharmacy to pick up Maxalt.  Sometimes my migraines are so bad I vomit and sometimes that feels like it relieves so pressure.  Yesterday it just made the pain worse.  I took the Maxalt, which is wonderful because it devolves under your tongue and you get it in your system right away which means your body can’t refuse it either.

Two hours later I am back at school for an association meeting.  I probably shouldn’t have driven myself there.  I was definitely in the red.  Maxalt still hasn’t kicked in at all.  I stopped and got Mc Donalds, both for the extra double size of ice tea caffeine and for my comfort food, french fries.  I get to my meeting only to realize I don’t have my agenda.  There are important things to cover and winging it without a migraine is bad enough.  Amazingly we did it.  The team I work with is just incredible.  Everyone did their part and I think we pulled off the meeting only forgetting about one important thing.  Then membership table and book fair.  I stayed for both my shifts but there were several other women who stayed for their shifts and then others who not only did their shifts but helped others with theirs so moms could visit classes they may not have been able to.  By the end of the night my migraine was calmed to a nice yellow.

The reason it was a great day is, with everything that had to be done I had a great group of women to work with, understanding and supportive and determined.  And also I got through a red day when I absolutely had to leave the house.  I now have a feeling of empowerment.  I know now that a red day doesn’t always have to stop me.

Something to consider …I craved fat all night, mc donalds, pizza, cupcakes.  I have always assumed when I felt bad I wanted comfort food which for me is buttery foods or deep fried, but I did feel better after eating this foods.  I am going to look for a fat/migraine connection.  Next time I get a bad migraine I am going to try eating an avocado or coconut oil or some sort of good fat and see if it helps at all.

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Daily Health Journal – Day 19

Today was up and down, I would go from blue to yellow, to orange, back down to green.  Luckily my energy level stayed fairly steady and was able to go to two productive meetings today.

I was thinking about my health and it does seem like the arthritis muscle and joint pain is not so bad. Is it too soon to hope the Remicade is working?  My pain seems to be overwhelmingly migraines lately.

I had a visitor to this blog suggest trying potassium iodine for migraines and I am going to give it a shot.  I bought some in liquid for at Henry’s Market and we will see if it helps at all.

Meanwhile the pharmacy called and I can go pick up my Maxalt.  I can’t imagine going to my art show next week without it, or even getting through the rest of this week with the middle school dance, and meeting after meeting.

Thanks to my family for being so encouraging and patient.

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Daily Health Journal- Day 18

Today I woke up red, horrible migraine, slightest morning sun creeping into the room made me feel like a vampire, my cat purring, the sound of my own hair rustling too near my ear, the screech  of the air conditional were all too much for me.  I couldn’t hold down excedrine migraine my old stand by and nearly daily medication because vomiting accompanied todays pain.  I had a maxalt which dissolves under the tongue.  I could feel it working as little shoots of pain traveled through my veins throughout my body.  My friend went out and got me a Starbucks green coffee drink, which for some reason I can hold down better than coffee and that and the Maxalt took the pain down to yellow.

I was able to get some art packing done but by three pm my exhaustion had hit so badly that I am ready for bed.

Last night was great though, I felt green until about 9 pm at night.

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