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Daily Health Journal- Oct. 18

This morning I went to the doctors to get the staples out after my gallbladder surgery.  My hips hurt from arthritis enough that I was limping, but I was able to sweep the downstairs before having a PTA member come over to do some paperwork.

By 3 pm I was laying down and am tired but not feeling horrible.  Every day I get out of bed and dressed is better than doing neither of those things.

I find it interesting that my arthritis didn’t bother me in the hospital or the first week after the infusion or most of my recovery very much.  Maybe it works better right after the infusion then fades as time goes by.  Hope this is a good sign for the Remicade.  And I am so lucky, made it through surgery, and recover with no infections!


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Daily Health Journal- 9/25

I have been five days away from my Journal; four at an art show and one day recouperating.  This weekend my health was remarkable.  I think I have finally reach an end of that what seemed to be a nearly month long migraine.  I had a couple mind migraines through the weekend and one really annoying one most the day on Saturday but it was my first weekend in a long time where I spent more time without migraine than with.

I had hours on hours of crystal blue levels of pain, or no pain in this case, to match the blue of the sky and ocean.  My cheap motel room was up a step hill with several flights of stairs to drag myself up and down a few times a day, which gave me quite a workout.  Every evening after the show I felt like crawling into a cave and sleeping forever, but my business partner gave me a nightly foot massage and after that and a cool shower (it was hot and sticky in Catalina) I was able to make it down the stairs again every evening with just about enough energy to walk to dinner and back.  By 3 oclock daily I was exhausted, and my 6 could hardly move, but it certainly beat waking up that way!  Maybe it was the clean air doing me well, or maybe the Remicade is working, or maybe just my body being able to fight my illness because it wasn’t having to deal with the migraine.

I did look longingly at  the night club as I walked by at 8:30 knowing there was no way I could actually dance, or even be up by the time it opened its doors, but I did plenty of walking, made new friends, and generally had a great working vacation.  The art show was a success and I am already excited about next year.  My partner and I are considering doing less markets and more art shows to better focus my limited energy.  I also have vowed to do less volunteer work, limiting my work load to the middle school PTA, and after the year finishes not signing up for another year.  I have limited energy and need to respect that.  I need to put time and energy into my art, and refocus there.  Last year I did far too much volunteer work and far too little of my own art work.  I am also going to be taking on more community art classes so will need some of my reserved energy for that.    Being selfish about my energy always felt like a horrible thing to do, but now I realize its is the only way to realize my dreams and it sounds down right liberating.

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Daily Health Journal – Day 19

Today was up and down, I would go from blue to yellow, to orange, back down to green.  Luckily my energy level stayed fairly steady and was able to go to two productive meetings today.

I was thinking about my health and it does seem like the arthritis muscle and joint pain is not so bad. Is it too soon to hope the Remicade is working?  My pain seems to be overwhelmingly migraines lately.

I had a visitor to this blog suggest trying potassium iodine for migraines and I am going to give it a shot.  I bought some in liquid for at Henry’s Market and we will see if it helps at all.

Meanwhile the pharmacy called and I can go pick up my Maxalt.  I can’t imagine going to my art show next week without it, or even getting through the rest of this week with the middle school dance, and meeting after meeting.

Thanks to my family for being so encouraging and patient.

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Daily Health Journal- Day 12

Yesterday was an interesting day for me.  I was mostly Orange on my pain scale all day, but I decided to push through with my plans.  I went to see my grandmother in the morning, and then went up to Idylwild to meet with a gallery owner.  I couldn’t have made even a portion of the trek myself.  My pain would spike to levels that made it unsafe to drive.  I relaxed in the shade of boulders midday and did some  simple paintings.  I was home by 6 and went straight to bed unable to move. My husband took care of dinner. It was just such a good reminder that with a little help I can have a rewarding and even beautiful life in spite oh high pain levels.

Today I have my Remicade infusion and am glad I have a ride there today, as it is almost an hour and a half drive each way.  I hope to feel well enough to get my ribs put back into place today, because that would remove so much of my pain.  5th day on my migraine but its tolerable.

I have a huge week next week with the PTA.  I have no less than three PTA meetings next week, book fair, Open House, and the Back to School Dance.  Luckily I have a great team, but I still have to run the meetings and do my fair shifts on the book fair and dance.  All that on top of work.  At least its nearly week after from Remicade so the exhaustion from the meds should be worn off I expect.

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