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Help for Migraines

I have found some things that help with migraines and I haven’t mentioned them here because they are just not things I am comfortable talking about. But if I can help one person have one less migraine it really feels like I should, despite my discomfort.

I can’t imagine there is anyone who knows migraines more intimately. I have had migraines that last four weeks without a break, ones that leave me laying on cold tile for days not being able to function at all, more commonly weeks, that turn into years where I have 3-5 migraines, with meds that work part way or temporarily, so I can function some but am just miserable while I function.

I have actually found something that works for me, or at least I think it does, its only been a couple of months, but so far great results. Its called CBD pills. Its a form of medical marijuana that doesn’t have any THC in it so it doesn’t get you high. This is important to me as people in my family have problems throwing their life way and I have always blamed the pot and I have very negative ideas about pot, so I personally would never want to smoke it. Its also important because I hate to be out of control of my body, my illness makes me out of control enough, so the idea of my mind or body out of control intentionally doesn’t sound like fun. I took the pills for a month, and within a week I went to just one migraine a week and a rather mild one. After the first month it went to less than a migraine a week and I went two months without any severe migraines. That hasn’t happened in well over a decade. Then I ran out of money and couldn’t afford the pills for a week (they are pricey at over $10 a pill that needs to be taken daily). I wound up with a four day migraine, that was responsive to medication but only for a few hours at a time. I know that isn’t enough time to conduct a scientific study but it certainly looks like its working to me. The doctor who prescribed it to me says its a preventative medication and doesn’t work for a current migraine but taken every night will lesson the occurrence of migraines. According to him you can take it any way so if you don’t mind the effects of marijuana or if you go to sleep right after you take it you can choose to take another form. I have also started using Indicream, which is a cream with medical marijuana in it, either with or without the thc, topically for my arthritis with good results.

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention another migraine treatment that I found over the year that helps. I found this out from my 90 year old great aunt of all people. This is often just temporary relieve, but when you are feeling miserable temporary is good enough. I am sure that I don’t need to go into this in detail, (or at least I hope I don’t) but its an orgasm. I know you don’t want to have sex when in a lot of pain so go ahead and just make it about the orgasm and pain relief.

(thank you Chris, for encouraging me to share with your post)


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Daily Health Journal-Sept. 28, 2012

Well its been an awesome week health wise.  Nearly a week with very little migraine.  My muscle and joint aches have been far less severe, and my energy level has been up.  I have been helping my grandmother hold an estate sale so I have been having three caffeine drinks a day to be able to make it through the day, but I have been able to.  Still tired by mid evening, but its certainly better than by mid afternoon, or even mid morning.

The worst thing has been the dislocated ribs from the slipping rib syndrome.  I wish I had a monthly chiropractic membership so I could go as often as needed.  I often go a week or two, sometimes longer in rather dibilitation pain, because I simply can’t afford to go to a chiropractor more than a couple of times a month.  Still a couple Aleve and I have been able to get through my responisiblites.  I did have to cancel three shows this weekend, because I know I just don’t have the energy or health to do the shows and the estate sale.  Someday maybe.  If not, its ok.  I think I could live just fine being in just a moderate amount of pain.  The rib pain gets worse at night, when my body is tired and the meds wear off.  I also am sure wearing bras make it worse.    It’s nearly 10 pm now and my breathing is short and shallow because my chest hurts so much with every breath. They have been out for a week now, so I don’t know how much longer I will be able to stand them out.  I already gone to the chiropractor three times this month so I am waiting until we can  afford it.  Its so hard to spend so much money on it as I know its always such a temporary fix.  Still its been a relatively excellent week.  Remicade infusion is next Tuesday.

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Daily Health Journal- Day 22

I am starting to feel my blog is whine whine whine, with very little solution.  I think my whole world may be whine whine whine, until this migraine just goes away, and I don’t mean for a couple of hours, I want days without migraine.

Yesterday I took maxalt and over the counter meds early, I knew I had to get through a loud day at the school.  I went into the school a little later than some of my team mates, but I brought them lunch to thank them for allowing my the flexibility.  My migraine was moderate.  I sat inside the middle school dance away from the brightness of the full sun day.  The loud noises and flashing lights did me no good.  Before the dance was over I was vomiting at pretty close to code red migraine.

After I got home the ice pick headaches started up again.  There isn’t much information about ice pick headaches but they are intense pain that only last a few seconds.  I am used to pain.  This is probably the most intense pain I have known, but it doesn’t last very long.  The problem is I seem to completely check out during those few seconds.  I become nothing but pain.  This would be really bad if it happened while driving, so I will be staying off the roads today, until I know they have gone away.  I am not sure how many I had yesterday, but it must have been around a dozen.  They increased as the night went on.  I have had them in the past, but they are very rare, and I don’t think I have more than three in one day, or 5 within 6 months.  There is some evidence that they are related to migraines and that there is a relationship between them and uncontrolled migraines.  When I think about my migraine being about three weeks long by now that would make sense to me.

The good thing about the ice pick headaches is they only last a few seconds and the bark is worst than the bite, meaning they seem to not be a sign of anything dangerous at all.

Today I am going to go into urgent care and see if I can get an injection to hopefully get rid of this migraine.  I am at the point where I need to consider that the migraines are not part of the arthritis but possibly the Remicade may be making them worse.


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Remicade Infusion #2

Yesterday I had my second Remicade Infusion.  They also gave me Phenergan and Benadryl to contract the itching reaction I get from the Remicade.

I arrived with a migraine, several days long of varying degrees at this point and it got worse as I sat there.  They gave me the Phenergan and Beadryl about halfway through again and I passed out.  They had to wake me when the treatment was over and I stayed groggy and cranky for hours.  I also felt irrationally persecuted and victimized all day long, which is nothing like me at all.  I looked up Phenergan and saw that does cause irrational moods, so I am blaming that.  But it could also just be too many days with too much pain.

I also awoke at about 2 am with the same strong smell I had the day after Remicade last infusion.  I got up and washed and within 15 minutes I could smell it again.  I can’t seem to find anything on smell being a side effect for any of the medications they give me.  I would love to hear from anyone else who has this side effect.



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Side effects or reactions

Four Hours after infusing and I am shaky sweaTing  and short of breath. My thermostat says its in the 70s and I norMally donT sweat even in the 100s. My whole body is sweating.  Drinking water and back in bed. 

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