First Day of Remicade

Remicade is the strongest PsA medication on the market at this point, although there are others in development which is good news.  I have taken the other two medications more commonly used for this arthritis both Enbrel and Humeria.  Enbrel and Humeria are given by self injection every other week.  My particular case is rather debilitating and aggressive so although I can decline certain things such as opiate pain meds, and can include alternative or natural treatments, I must stay take one of these western meds as well.  According to my doctor Enbrel is great if they aren’t sure exactly what arthritis  you have as it works decently on many of them.  When I switched to him he put me on Humeria immediately, and I would say I was definitely better on it then I was on Enbrel, and I was definitely better on Enbrel than I was on nothing.  In two hours I start Remicade which is delivered by an IV infusion.  I have read that I will be worn out for several days, but at this point worn out sounds like no big deal.  I could be there for a couple of hours or all day, and tonight there is a party going on at my house.  Others have promised to take care of it though, so I plan on going to bed as soon as I get home, hopefully to make an appearance as a lump on the sofa during the party.



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2 responses to “First Day of Remicade

  1. Catherine Snodgrass

    Just know,
    that we are always here for you….lean on us.
    You are one tough cookie!

  2. TK

    I move to second the words of Catherine

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